TMA – Segment 3: Bob Tway, Hot Golfers, and Hotshots EOTD

Doug guesses where Bonnie Tyler is from, Tim used to enjoy watching music videos, Vaughn doesn’t understand why MTV changed formats, discussing their former VJ’s, questions for Iggy, why did Bonnie Tyler re-record Total Eclipse of the Heart in 2003, Bonnie is not her real name apparently, Bermuda stories from Strode, will Iggy live to reach centenarian status, can he collect retirement and still work, Fredsy believes that people will be euthanized in the future, why is Big Al texting us about that Bob Tway, discussing life expectancies, why is 52 a magical age, Big Al continues to send us nonsensical texts, is Tway gay, why are so many polls being conducted about Tway, discussing why Lee Trevino isn’t on TV as a golf analyst, talking on Bob Tway’s secret tattoo and him getting struck by lightning, the nitwittery continues, talking hot golfer spouses, Plow Boy thinks Koepka is the hottest golfer on tour right now but Rory isn’t bangable, Iggy likes Adam Scott but Darin says he’s not aging well, is Stenson more attractive with sunglasses, discussing a lesbian poker player, more on hot golfers, apparently Plowsy created Jennings as a golfer in his video game, would people watch Darin play this on a live stream, folks asking their wives about hot male celebrities, continuing the conversation about Jay winning a Green Jacket on Plow Boy’s game, Hotshots Email of the Day.