TMA – Segment 3: Audio fun, Iggy snaps a starlet, plus the EOTD

Tim has questions about today’s available audio, we have a clip of chicks discussing The Bachelorette though, Charlie flat breaks down reality TV, Tim opted out of The Bachelor once it became blatantly obvious the program is staged, audio from the podcast about Game of Thrones which Sea Monster foolishly recommended to Tim, more talk on pods, Charlie talks about auto-texting, did Iggy have any luck with Vivian Azure, does our audience compare more to 101 or 105.7, will the Sack Family be invited into Goob 11, Hayes says Red Robin is a hot Saturday night spot for couples with kids, Iggy just got Vivian’s snap response, checking out Midday Grind’s promo photos, should we unite with The Fast Lane against Kansas City sports radio, Tim shares some insight on the industry, Toledo is the chain restaurant capital of the world according to Charlie, he and Hayes are still at loggerheads over have a catch, Vivian might be trying to scam us with Whats App, Mrs. Ballsack has finally reestablished contact, Tim talked parenting with some hot guys,