TMA – Segment 2: WWE Recap, Goold on the Cardinals, and more

The ‘Nards bring us back into segment, our title sponsor Ryan Kelley joins the program, Doug discusses his encounter with what he thought was a Mountain Lion, Vaughn says if aliens arrive it’s almost certain they’ll conquer us, is Kelly Chase being monitored by NORAD, FS1 Doug gives his takes on Kyrie’s trade request and the St. Louis Hawks, it’s time for the WWE Recap with Larry Nickel, snake talk, Post-Dispatch reporter Derrick Goold joins us to talk all things Cardinals presented by GFI Digital, updating the Email of the Month standings, #FunWithAudio from The Colonel’s FB Live in which he’s irritated by our listeners, playing drops of Doug, Samuel L. Jackson gives Doug the premise for Game of Thrones, more GoT talk.