TMA – Segment 2: WWE Recap, a Nicksy ad campaign, and Derrick Goold

It’s time for the WWE Recap with Larry Nickel talking Lavar Ball’s appearance on Monday Night Raw, Larry gives his Top 5 All-Time NBA players, #FunWithAudio from Larry’s latest Facebook Live, Plowsy with a 30 for 30 recommendation, joining next is our title sponsor Ryan Kelley who might get Larry’s Facebook Live put on the big board at Busch Stadium, what about a Nicksy bobble-head, up next is Derrick Goold from the Post-Dispatch talking all things Cardinals, Iggy bitches about baseball being boring from the stands now, he wants to see some squeeze bunts, Gardner is the first anti-buntite, Gardsy is also wearing cargo shorts to store cigarettes, is there a traffic flow problem around Busch, Plowsy is a man of the people, Strode has complaints about people hogging the giveaways at Cardinals games.