TMA – Segment 2: Wild talk on wild animals, Hummel, and more

Matt Carpenter hit a money shot last night, discussing natural disasters, why do people create fake donation sites and photo-shop sharks into Houston pics, Doug is concerned about fringe groups, Charlie gave up cable news, Doug would refuse to be rescued by Dotem, all of our scenarios start with Vaughn in an old folks home, #AudioFun of Clay Travis talking about snakes, should you allow spiders to live inside your home, naming animals that we don’t think we need, did Doug steal Big Al’s spot in a golf tournament, discussing if there are any good snakes, the text line moves too fast, why did KSDK use Charlie Marlow’s wedding pic, Rick Hummel from the Post-Dispatch joins the program, discussing the cities on the Cardinals current road trip, you rather see Grichuk ahead of Piscotty for the rest of this season, Doug digs Jose Martinez, why haven’t the Cardinals anointed Tommy Pham, more on the team’s outfield situation going forward, what would happen if the Cardinals played against Memphis.