TMA – Segment 2: Who is Tucky Williams, Commish, Swope’s Picks

It’s so cool to kick off the week with a Ween Wednesday, when is Tim’s baby due, Iggy and Tim are bullish on Billions, more discussion of push gifts, Plowsy has interesting suggestions, what happened with Janine Lindemulder this time, what’s the age limit on calling someone kiddo, remembering Iggy’s fling with Leona Helmsley, Janie TL is texting into the program, who is Tucky Williams, Iggy speaks on gooey butter cake and Hedo, Hall of Fame Cardinals reporter Rick Hummel from the Post-Dispatch is with us next, lots of #FunWithAudio from Swope’s Picks on Matt Who Bowls at Hanks, at some point someday we’ll be a podcast exclusively, Swope says he’s started work on an Iggy ‘sode.