TMA – Segment 2: Tim’s face would make a great Blues logo

Blues analyst Kelly Chase joins us presented by Petro-Mart, remembering Mike Shanahan, what if Tim’s face became the Blues logo, the city is lucky to have Tom Stillman and the DeWitt family as sports owners now, will Vaughn invite some listeners over to his house, Iggy admits to running red lights, Plow Boy says lights will change if you honk at them, Amazon has named the finalists for their second headquarters, STL is the Fredo of cities, discussing an interesting Steak ‘n Shake story, Barrett’s latest Under the Radar column, Michelle Smallmon held Stan Kroenke accountable, The Cat has praise for Sea Monster, talking Barstool chicks, Plowsy is sideways with KFC Barstool over his philandering ways, does Ria have an odor and is she better as a blonde, who won the Fake Media Awards.