TMA – Segment 2: Tim stays north, more golf talk, Larry’s epic FB Live

Douglas has to work like two weeks straight at Doug’s Big Channel with no days off, evaluating Hrabe and Ackerman’s golf game, Tim just received an interesting DM, discussing the birth class attended by the McKernans this weekend, people have misconceptions about C-sections, Tim explains his decision to stay north, Ezekiel Elliott appears to be in trouble again, discussing Tim’s upcoming fantasy teams participating in the British Open, how many times did Tim tip his cap to the gallery Friday afternoon, how many people watched Plowsy’s FB Live coverage, when is Tim’s due date, everyone is hoping the Boy King will inherit his mother’s traits, will the Fan Page provide nanny service, Charles Darwin being discussed again, should Tim play golf instead of attending the childbirth, Doug slept through one of his, Cucky wore his gimp mask while broadcasting the Duel in the Sun II, #FunWithAudio from Larry Nickel’s FB Live with the Ballsacks on the way home to Alton, what’s the creepiest aspect of a cuck situation, Mount Rushmore of TMA listener families, did Larry lure the Ballsacks in for an MMF.