TMA – Segment 2: Social Media Subverts an SEC Coaching Hire

Talking about the turnaround with Mizzou football, Tim appreciated Coach Odom’s rant after the Auburn loss, discussing the crazy head coaching carousel in the SEC right now, digging into the unique situation at Tennessee, fair to say that Schiano would’ve been a Frank Haith type hire when the fan base was hoping for Jon Gruden, Clay Travis led the charge to kill the deal and generated faux outrage around the entire state, there was an extreme amount of moralizing taking place on Twitter, what are the ramifications for the University for backing out of the hiring, Stingray had a rough few days with Hail State, trying to make sense of the reaction to the Schiano news and how the situation unfolded, what exactly was Clay’s role in the result, Plowsy is not happy with Clay, talking about the internet mob mentality, will Schiano be able to get another head coaching gig after this.