TMA – Segment 2: Sinkholes, Golf, Bacon, and more Nitwittery

Ben Fred just contributed to the Drops of the Week, more on the sinkhole downtown, Jay updates the Fan Page club championship, how often does Big Al play at Normandie, previewing the Jennings versus McKernan showdown, what will the ground rules be, what kind of media coverage will Plowsy provide, Big Al checks into the program, Jay saw a pic of Ben Fred doing journalism at Blues camp yesterday, up next is Mike Lee, how skilled is Jennings at Candy Crush, Iggy has knowledge on Mario games, we have #FunWithAudio courtesy of Plow Boy, discussing music at ballparks and stadiums, Doug once bought a foam tomahawk, talking about Sedalia which is Ben Fred’s hometown, more on the St. Louis sinkhole, Ben Fred is bullish on Blues prospect Tage Thompson, Doug gives some insightful analysis, Fredsy has HOT TAKES on bacon, Plowsy on raising piglets, what is the average life-span of a pig, should you stop when hitting a deer on the road.