TMA – Segment 2: Richard Marx vs. San Antonio radio host

This Halloween song is haunting, Tim has odds on the Email of the Month competition, Ryan Kelley encourages his employees to dress up for Halloween, the Page Six dish on George Clooney’s Halloween party, discussing which folks have their own line of Tequila, Iggy get cross-examined about his Halloween texts, Jason Barrett has finally released another Under the Radar column, would Doug work in Portland, Iggy has Richard Marx’s phone number, talking Vegan restaurants, Hayes should speak at a convention for sports talk radio so he can tell everyone we’re all awful, thanks guys, Dan Marshall responded to Deke Dotem on Twitter, even more on the Richard Marx vs. San Antonio radio host feud, what’s his net worth, do we have listeners in Texas, where would Marx go for vegan fare here in St. Louis, discussing his song catalog, flat breaking down an NFL trade, more hot scoops from Barrett, random nitwittery.