TMA – Segment 2: Random Randomness and Rick Hummel

Wait for it …. Wait for it … now Plowsy is playing some Ween off his phone, naming off more celebs expected to appear on this edition of the show, Iggy talks recipes, lots of nonsense from the text line, does Matt Holliday live in Manhattan proper, Jimmy Gandolfini is referenced, is the Upper East Side known for swinging, discussing Doug’s pens, more nitwittery, did The Cat hook up with Frank Sinatra, Hall of Fame reporter Rick Hummel joins us talking all things Cardinals, what Hall of Fame(s) would we be qualified to join, #FunWithAudio as Stephen A. Smith held LeBron accountable on his radio show, takes from FS1 Doug are also featured, Stephen A. Smith once screamed at Tim about Jeff Suppan, what’s it mean when you threaten to go nuclear, The Cat begs for treats, Iggy still uses an icebox, a chat about boxing movies, Iggy scrolls through numbers in his phone, Doug talks his childhood friends, shocking that Tim doesn’t have an honorary degree from Mizzou, we’re overwhelmed by well wishes today.