TMA – Segment 2: Project Wolverine and Iggy’s Letters

It’s another sick Ween Wednesday, Tim wants to utilize more pauses and tighter mics, teaser clip of the new Cat Chat podcast with Brad Thompson, discussing the rotation of analysts that Fox Sports Midwest uses on Cardinals broadcasts, also digging into Tim’s podcast conversation with Mike Bush, the Miami Herald is doing an interesting series of articles on Derek Jeter’s financial plan for the Marlins, their projections are just absurd, Plowsy has a physical tell, it seems that baseball just wanted Jeter involved despite the ownership group’s obvious issues, did Daddy Padre inspire Hutton last night, nipple talk, SEC Network’s Chris Doering joins to discuss the Rose Bowl and National Championship, what’s the greatest College Football game you’ve seen, Douglas was at the Flutie game, Anna-Marie roots against Tim’s bets, the Mount Rushmore of College Football coaches, examining Iggy’s old letters to a female prisoner.