TMA – Segment 2: Plowsy has a friend named Gay Teddy

Doug was trying to make an appointment with Apple during the break, T.J. Oshie made emotional comments after lifting the chalice, do the Blues have enough offensive talent, remembering The Late Night Score, how important are in-game hosts, discussing interns, Anthony Bourdain has sadly passed away and it’s reportedly a suicide, comparing Chris Naegel to Tin Cup, the U.S. Open has some good pairings, discussing divots, Doug’s still bitching about his phone, what’s up with Young Pageviews, Plowsy wants to get into the weed business pronto, he’s a little too close to Cucky the Dwarf, golf and Frisbee chatter, Plowsy has an acquaintance named Gay Teddy, more Canton stories, discussing the gay character(s) on Ozark, Iggy’s Drops of the Week presented by The Post, more golf talk, Francesa had HOT takes on the Warriors, should KD leave the Bay, what’s our schedule during 4th of July week.