TMA – Segment 2: Passion from the loins & ole Sure Hands Vaughn

Taking a look at the N.L. Central and the Cardinals Vaughn number, does The Cat lay out his outfits ahead of each road trip, Hayes also claims to have loins passion for his regional cable work, #AudioFun from Mike Francesa talking about Tiger’s nude photo leak, when is too old to host sports talk radio, Iggy wouldn’t care if his nude pics got hacked, Doug has follow up questions galore on this subject, remembering how Doug contributed to Plowsy getting evicted after Mardi Gras, The Cat did journalism on the snow cones that Pham and Carlos bought for kids in Williamsport, Rick Hummel from the Post-Dispatch joins the show talking all things Cardinals, has Douglas ever been referred to as ole Sure Hands Vaughn, last night was FFF participant night at the ballpark, relating the events to Hayes, audio of Sportscenter making a ridiculous gaffe carrying live radio in Cleveland, The Cat did some journalism on the red seat at Fenway for Fox Sports Midwest, Hayes has questions about Fredsy’s 2 Bens videos with Hochsy, why did they hire Iggy as the Executive Producer for 1380 The Woman, he streamed TMA while his morning show was on the air, Plowsy says Rich in Maryland Heights loved calling The Woman, discussing Doug’s leisure activities, sharing FS1 Doug’s message for the Cardinals, there was a cheek brushing incident with Matheny and a mic-wielding radio fella.