TMA – Segment 2: Nitwittery, The Commish, and more HOF talk

Charlie Marlow

Boys Club brings us back into segment on this Ween Wednesday, #FunWithAudio from Larry’s recent FB Lives, Charlie has some hammertoes and bunions, Marlow has issues regarding national ESPN radio, where do people say have a catch instead of play catch, listeners regularly drop Free Dotem on unsuspecting 101 hosts, we’re still lobbying for Adams to get a ridiculously long ovation on Friday, discussing Irish Pub food and drink, Post-Dispatch reporter Rick Hummel joins us from Kansas City courtesy of 314 Sports, peeking at our event calendar, Iggy is sending a snap to Vivian Azure, continuing the discussion on Yadi’s HOF credentials, how does Andruw Jones stack up vs. Edmonds, narratives seem to play a large role in Hall of Fame candidacy.