TMA – Segment 2: Nitwittery, Nonsense, and the Nature Boy

The Cat endorses Plow Boy’s rejoin music selection, discussing the Ric Flair 30 for 30 film ahead of our interview with the director, critiquing Chuck’s twitter game, now Charlie tells us about awkward moments while walking his dog, Plowsy named his new pup Francine, discussing flatulence and itching, Iggy guarantees a Rams loss to Minnesota this Sunday, Iggy’s got a private shuttle from DB’s to Gaga tonight, does anybody watch Dane Cook, does Doug like to brunch, how many live reads will reference Iggy and his sunflowers, handicapping how long Lady Gaga will perform this evening, how much of what the text line reports is indeed true, Charlie begs for free food, Iggy is a long-distance lemming, Hammerhead Sharks and Tuna Fish Vaughn will always be funny to the Peoria Plow Boy, clarifying his Bill Russell take from yesterday, Rory Karpf checks in to discuss Nature Boy the ESPN 30 for 30 film he directed on Ric Flair, follow up convo on classic pro wrestling, discussing the latest on UCLA players who were arrested in China, did Bill Russell have a nickname, re-litigating how Doug stole a hotel breakfast at Spring Training, Iggy booking stories and saving drops on cassette tape, talking favorite NBA players, Iggy finds many WNBA players attractive.