TMA – Segment 2: Mike Lee woos Carlie, talking #FFF, and more

Discussing the return music, did Doug used to dance at Incahoots, our title sponsor Ryan Kelley joins the program, radio wars are taking place at Dollar Tree apparently, Mike Lee checks into the presentation, will Plops make a late charge in Email of the Month, story about a husband who unwittingly booked his own wife as a prostitute, Iggy has several follow-up questions, examining Fescoe’s exclamation filled article about the NHL to KC, discussing the Vaughn index, Doug guesses the ESPN Power Rankings, digging into the Cardinals upcoming schedule, how is Francesa looking on the Angels under, Jay Jr. is hoping that Mrs. SWB will participate in #FFF again on Thursday night, Iggy is trying Salina’s sinners, Plowsy is trolling for feet as well, will Jennings take 7 feet to the face, would Jay embrace the swinging lifestyle, does anybody want Iggy’s old bowling ball, listeners are texting pics of their wives for Jennings to inspect, how many EOTD’s are remaining this month, could Doug get Laura Hettiger to participate.