TMA – Segment 2: Marlow isn’t happy with innings management

Iggy has a snippet on the Game of Thrones finale, he wasn’t happy about seeing Jon Snow’s ass, Doug plays color guy for this conversation, how do eunuchs in Game of Thrones go to the bathroom, lots of ween talk in the finale, now discussing the culinary delights of Westeros, time to dig into the Cardinals after a disappointing stretch against subpar teams in Tampa and San Diego, Doug now has Tyler Lyons in fantasy baseball, technically the Cardinals are “in it” but do you have any confidence in them advancing should they somehow make the playoffs, has the 2nd Wild Card kept too may teams in what’s an artificially manufactured race, why hasn’t Flaherty been called up yet, Marlow wonders if the idea of managing inning is overrated, our colleague Ben Frederickson from the Post-Dispatch joins us presented by 314 Sports, how many careers that used to be ended by injury continue for many years now due to modern medicine, Doug wonders if somebody will ever pitch underhand in MLB, #FunWithAudio of Sal Pal doing a cringe-worthy interview with Floyd Mayweather, Pham provided a great post-game interview Saturday night on FSM, how do you pronounce De Jong.