TMA – Segment 2: Larry’s FB Live, Ricky Horton, Drops & Cuts

Larry Nickel on Facebook Live

We have major golf happenings on the horizon, are the Cardinals actually better off facing good teams, The Cat talks about the jersey shore, Iggy stories of Bermuda, The Cat accidentally breaks Doug’s gong, #FunWithAudio Fire Sale with Plowsy, should The Cat partake in Larry’s FB Live, how does messaging work on Facebook, who is The Cat’s most famous twitter follower, Lisa Ann follows the Sea Monster, Iggy has an update on Janine Lindemulder, Jimmy Butler gave out his number at a press conference, Cardinals broadcaster Ricky Horton joins the program presented by GFI Digital, debating on what the rationale for a Cardinals trade should be this season, people have become jaded because of the team’s success the past 15 years, time for Iggy’s Drops of the Week presented by The Post, catching up Cat on the pitbull conversation, Bertarelli Cutlery Cuts of the Week.