TMA – Segment 2: Jimmy the Bull offers up lady feet to Jennings

Running down the Captain’s Log for tonight at Hotshots, Jimmy the Bull calls into the program to offer up his lady’s feet to Jay, Iggy explains how he saw the Bull’s penis, discussing why Plowsy had the Bull over to his cage, Mike Lee joins the presentation, talking The Godfather and Carla, what about chicks and plane crashes, according to Cosmopolitan more than 25% of Americans have injured themselves shaving shrubs, Vaughn’s big channel was all over the story about people watching the Total Eclipse at Missouri’s only nude club, Iggy’s been there of course, Plowsy also enjoys being naked, trying to stage a poker night at the Plow Boy’s crib, how legit is the Swinghaven Board Member family, should Tim buy a new video game console for the first time in years, Feherty was already at Justin Thomas’ house for an interview yesterday, how likely is Timothy Michael McKernan to play in the PGA Championship, does Jay work as a golf instructor still, youth golfers are freakishly good now, more assorted golf chatter.