TMA – Segment 2: James Brown tweets Lana, Hot Stove, & Francesa

Lana Rhoades

Flat breaking down the Blues home-and-home with Winnipeg, listeners are still sending in pictures of their wives, James Brown claims he was hacked after tweeting Lana Rhoades, discussing the bizarre Dodgers and Braves trade over the weekend, how serious are the Cardinals about potentially acquiring Machado, is there any scenario in which the Rays actually agree to move Archer, how good is Colome really and is he worth taking Longoria and his lengthy contract, how can the Cardinals avoid dead money, MLB correspondent Richard Justice joins the radio program, remembering how Jeff Passan quit on this show, Fun with Audio from Mike Francesa’s final show on WFAN, where is Imus at these days, Russo actually has more net worth than Francesa, how nice of a guy is Mike Francesa, Olbermann is a producer-killer, are tickets sold out for the PGA Championship in STL, should Tim bring his son to the event, what if our listeners swarm the gallery.