TMA – Segment 2: Iggy stories, Mike Lee, and Listener Wives

How likely is an adult performer to appear at the next TMA Live, who is Aunt Peg, would old warhorses have better stories, Iggy tells us about some of his old interviews, #FunWithAudio confirming a Rico’s II, is Iggy a hoarder, why didn’t he ever hook up with the Smiths, listeners should NOT involve significant others with this show, Mike Lee calls to tell us about his new nickname, is Tim addicted to porn or not, will Mrs. Scott leave Wrinkled Ballsack for Jennings, Mr. Tribbers lives in Chicago, is Plowsy higher today than normal, Tim doesn’t understand why he ever tried smoking, an update on The Open Championship, Iggy’s Drops of the Week presented by The Post, Ben Fred isn’t happy with the Sea Monster’s tweeting, expectations for the Cardinals this weekend, should we all take Sildenafil together, Tim is posting a poll regarding our fill-in hosts, debating the joy brought by Drops of the Week.