TMA – Segment 2: Iggy needs to land Lana at the AVN’s

Lana Rhoades

Tim is concerned about Lana Rhoades and her expanding ass, Eddie McVey joins us for the Maggie O’Briens Picks of the Week, Iggy’s Drops of the Week, today is the Anniversary of the NFL vote to move the Rams in 2016, Fun with Audio from Mike Francesa and a caller, will this season be the last for Waino, what should we expect from Tommy Pham in 2018, the Free Agent market continues to move at a glacial pace, the Barstool chicks have hot takes on an IKEA promotion, Doug discusses a feces test for cancer, Tkachuk has aligned with Daddy Padre against Doug, how much Barstool content does the Plow Boy partake in, Iggy needs to get Lana at the AVN’s, who at KMOV broke the story on Governor Greitens, when can we quit working on Friday’s.