TMA – Segment 2: Iggy admits to regularly eating baby food

Dropping knowledge on Gal Gadot, Doug doesn’t like superhero movies, would you take her over Lynda Carter, Iggy talks about a topless scene, Tim was pulling for the Yankees, Matt Holliday still can’t get on the field, MLB has very appealing World Series match-ups in play, examining the College Football landscape, Doug cheers for small market teams, #AudioFun from Mike Francesa, how in the world does he fill 5 hours everyday, more on Iggy enjoying baby food, Plowsy eats like a little kid but walks a lot, why aren’t people watching the show from outside on the patio, Blues radio analyst Kelly Chase joins presented by Petromart, Chaser might turn some sod over in Florida, the Blues have never started 5-0, seems like everyone is going to Vegas for the first game against the Golden Knights in a few weeks, Doug endorses the NHL’s expansion to Las Vegas, when are the Raiders moving exactly, predicting the movement of NFL franchises in the next decade, Steve Guttenberg is back now in the show Ballers, does the show expose Eric Grubman, St. Louis doesn’t matter to HBO even, the lawsuit against the Rams is still pending, Doug bashes Kroenke, talking about Natitude and how the cab industry is dying.