TMA – Segment 2: Hot Listener Wives & Hot Stove with Goold

Plowsy is peppering in the return music, is the Stanton situation holding up everything in baseball’s off-season, Tim thinks the Cardinals are waiting to offer contracts to free agent relievers until this stand-off abates, back to Hip Hop discussion and Plow Boy’s old Cutlass, will Iggy take Mrs. Sack to Swinghaven, Fun with Audio from the legendary Mike Francesa and his old partner Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, power rankings of TMA significant others, Matt Holliday offered to help recruit Stanton to St. Louis, more on listener wives, The Cat wants another robin-feeding at TMA Live next month, Plow Boy and Iggy both have a fascination with other people’s wives, Post-Dispatch Cardinals reporter Derrick Goold joins the show.