TMA – Segment 2: Hot Dogs, Hummel, and Ride Her Cup

Is the Mike Bush hot dog place still open, Doug doesn’t enjoy eating hot diggity dogs, there’s an old man stalking us from outside, our title sponsor Ryan Kelley phones in, announcing an event with Tim and Clay Travis at Kirkwood Brewhouse, breaking down participants in the Ride Her Cup, Big Al joins the program, Stevie Nicks is playing the Family Arena tonight, Hall of Fame reporter Rick Hummel joins us to talk Cardinals, discussing if The Cat should travel by boat to Cincinnati, more baseball banter, could Clayton Kershaw get snake bit by the Cardinals again this postseason, what is pivotal, discussing how Fantasy Football impacts your rooting interests, Doug and Cat aren’t masters of their domain as married gentlemen, will the carports be knocked down in Kirkwood, who cuts Tim and Doug’s lawn, The Cat doesn’t own a mower, Plowsy digs deeper in the drop archives, Stevie Nicks brushed her bosom against Iggy years ago, Vaughn isn’t tweeting anymore, discussing the porn Ted Cruz liked on Twitter, Lynn continues to be a delight during post-game interviews, Tim loves a good Twitter poll, monitoring social media outrage is an important job that Tim might take up soon.