TMA – Segment 2: Goold, random TV Talk, and Iggy on Playboy

People enjoy when we play New Edition, discussing the Blac Chyna pics posted by Rob Kardashian, Cardinals reporter Derrick Goold of the Post-Dispatch joins the program presented by GFI Digital, pushing for a reunion between Doug and Grich, evaluating the Cardinals second-half schedule, journalism on which players watch Game of Thrones, did The Cat sit on the Iron Throne, more TV conversation, Doug wants to know about Iggy’s viewing habits, Vaughn’s sleeping habits and Tim explains cancelling the Playboy channel, does Hef have an odor, Iggy knew folks at the mansion, confirming if Dean Martin is dead, Strode is taking shrapnel on the text line, talking burger joints, previewing the next return song, what is pansexual, has Iggy interviewed Treat Williams, Tim is wondering why Kayden won’t text him back, game-planning the Tucky conversation.