TMA – Segment 2: Fun with Audio and Nitwittery reign supreme

PGA Pro Dan has responded, we’re joined by the Shrewsbury Seminary Student via The Appliance Discounters phone lines, was Molina fouling off pitches intentionally last night, Shrewsy is having his first child in November, debating again if we should get into real estate or religion, how tall do you have to be to play in the NBA, discussing why Tim was released by his High School football team, will Mr. Nipples and Mr. Tribbers be added as members in the Goob 11 ahead of the SWB family, has Vaughn’s ween grown with age, discussing the merits of Creatine, Doug managed to take Seaver deep despite not lifting plus being force-fed salt tablets, what’s a peninsula, early growth spurts are incredibly advantageous, do we have ferry’s in the metro area, discussing additional waterways, Cardinals reporter Rick Hummel checks into the presentation, #FunWithAudio of MTV’s upcoming show Undressed, one of our listeners’ daughter is on the show Siesta Key, joining us next is Caller Adam, Tim is now watching the Undressing a Stranger video, Barstool chicks were talking crotch charms and Iggy isn’t having it, why would anyone purchase Twitter followers, why do you mute rather than block on social media, Charlie feels disappointed that Doug doesn’t follow him, Plowsy with more on the Goob 11.