TMA – Segment 2: Francesa Fun and Literal Pee Pee Talk

“The Colonel” Gabe DeArmond from Power Mizzou joins the presentation, Doug wants to see Mizzou schedule more interesting opponents, Vaughn gives more takes on Missouri, #FunWithAudio from Mike Francesa, Brian McCann debate continues to rage on Twitter, Plowsy and Doug might get ripped on Tiger Board today, more Francesa audio, Gurley doesn’t dig the London games, Tim is the Sinatra of Kirkwood Brewhouse, Janet Jackson and Katy Perry were in town this weekend, did Katy crash a wedding here in St. Louis, sharing urinal stories, there’s often a line at the solitary bathroom here, The Cat finally watched Ice Guardians last night, we’re still questioning Joe’s game selection for Picks, Doug flat breaks down the Monday Night game, more bathroom banter, should Tim and Doug get a cheeseburger before 9am, does anyone ever store food under the urinal.