TMA – Segment 2: Faded by Eddie McVey & Monique Medina

Unfortunate news as Monique Medina’s appearance on the presentation has been mysteriously postponed, Iggy stories, the Fan Page has clout, Plowsy brings back the Vivian Azure drops, why did John Henson leave Talk Soup, discussing Greg Kinnear’s career, Doug is down on Hollywood’s film productions recently, Plowsy is high on that Wonder Woman, Iggy digs Amanda Seyfried, is there any update on Salina’s Sinners, Maggie O’Briens Picks of the Week minus Eddie who must be sleeping out in Las Vegas, here’s the Barstool chicks on Verlander marrying Kate Upton and missing the parade, joining us now is Big Al and we hold him accountable for that call to Frank O. Pinion, discussing soccer ball golf, don’t say water closet, playing mandatory Mike Francesa.