TMA – Segment 2: Doug Vaughn is woke today but not lit

How long have we been on FM, Al Michaels made an unfortunate comment during Sunday Night Football, discussing the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Doug just barely missed his Lock of the Week, Tim’s play on the Mizzou over paid off, how is Plowsy feeling after seeing his boo Aaron Rodgers get hurt, should the Packers woo Tony Romo, would the Plow Boy take Kaepernick in Green Bay, The Cat still can’t watch the NFL, Tim is struggling at DraftKings, Fantasy is like steroids for fans they’re interest enhancers, why is College Football more intriguing than the NFL, should the NCAA Playoffs be expanded, Doug is woke but not lit, should we hire a salesman who’s butt crack is showing, Iggy is binge watching The Wire while eating baby food, The Cat has a solid strategy for tweeting pics from his house, what’s up with Olive + Oak, Doug is now saying beverage alcohol, do restaurants really refer to their menu items as dishes, #AudioFun from Mike Leach, Mike Francesa wasn’t happy with a caller’s take on Mickey Mantle, what’s a compiler, an Artie Lange imposter called into Francesa as well, examining an odd text, talking Gabagool.