TMA – Segment 2: Doug Vaughn is Disgusted with the NFL

Can we get Turkey Pizza on the market before Thanksgiving, does gravy work as a base sauce for pizza, Sergio Dipp resurfaced on ESPN’s coverage of the NFL this weekend, Marshawn Lynch’s anthem antics angered both Donald Trump and Doug, Plow Boy is having a big show says Chuck, more on how teams should handle political statements, Vaughn is sickened by the NFL in general, lightening up the convo with Francesa audio, Iggy has an issue with Francesa’s ethics, remembering how a local TV station caused Plowsy to get evicted, Iggy wants to flat break down the AMA’s, college football chatter, Charlie is disappointed that Goodwill didn’t buy his old TV, Craigslist vs. FB Marketplace, The Cat only remembers stupid things from the show, how much compensation should charity CEO’s receive, Frank O. Pinion makes a surprise call into the program.