TMA – Segment 2: Doug is ousted in Fantasy Football playoffs

Discussing the musical stylings of Stingray, The Cat sympathizes with him as an artist, thankfully the text line is back, Doug is still upset about Daddy Padre tending the pipes, Plowsy is proficient at Pop-a-shot, Doug rants about being cheated in the Fantasy Football playoffs, Blues backup goalie Daddy Padre joins the presentation, back to the UFO talk, Doug is still fixated on Bitcoin, there’s now a Justin Bieber sex doll available to purchase, should banging a sex doll be considered cheating, discussing sex dolls throughout history, John is a teammate of Daddy Padre and phones in next, Fun with Audio of Doug’s recent appearance on Swope’s Picks, Doug remembers the Maine, ESPN did not acquire FS1 or Fox News however they did secure the services of Jim Hayes.