TMA – Segment 2: Craig Mish, Luke Gregerson, and More

Did Doug ever dine at Prime 112 in Miami, our colleague Craig Mish broke the Ozuna news yesterday and rejoins the program now, Iggy shared an interesting Christmas memory on Tim’s podcast yesterday, is it legal to marry your 2nd cousin, The Cat says he respects old Strode for continuing to push the creepy envelope, Tim was able to witness Sea Monster crafting the new Salt + Smoke commercial, Doug critiques Gus Johnson, Big Al joins us, Doug shouldn’t own a wood chipper, Fun with Audio from Mike Francesa, STL Tax Lawyer Mark Milton dropped off some gifts for us, new Cardinals pitcher Luke Gregerson joins us, Doug didn’t get called out for asking a repeat question, Tim misinterpreted Sea Monster’s text about Donaldson, telling Tkachuk and Shake Shack stories.