TMA – Segment 2: Controversy at The Ride Her Cup

It was a huge weekend with Clay Travis at Kirkwood Brewhouse plus The Ride Her Cup out at Normandie, the golf tournament included much chicanery and many captains, allegedly Matt Who Bowls at Hanks lifted somebody else’s ball, how many people joined Injun Joe in the gallery, Big Al joins the presentation with HOT TAKES on Matheny and generates much hatred on the Text Line, Tim recaps his betting weekend, #FunWithAudio from Francesa, why are Joe Girardi and John Farrell on the hot seat with the Yanks and Sox respectively, Doug is a Chase Headley apologist, ole Nick Saban is still not happy with sports media, additional #AudioFun from Gus Johnson, breaking news about Lana Rhoades, Doug and Hayes bicker about the Cardinals talent gap, why was Troy Glaus always so angry, drops galore of Larry Nickel, what would an Uber cost to Alton, a discussion of onion rings.