TMA – Segment 2: Clay Travis on Derek Dooley and ESPN

FS1 Doug has takes on Mizzou vs. Florida hoops, The Cat’s coaching debut this season didn’t pan out well, will Mr. Nipples return for EOTD, talking meal prep, Tim relates his experience of watching the end of that Missouri game on Saturday, Mark Saxon’s child dropped daggers against The Cat’s squad, our colleague Clay Travis joins the program talking Derek Dooley and more, follow up conversation on Skipper’s departure at ESPN, Doug firmly strikes the Lemmings Gong, The Cat has his own staff, Fun with Audio from Barstool Ria and a couple of dudes, who is Halsey and is she pansexual, Iggy didn’t like Seth Meyers’ performance as the Golden Globes host last night, Doug has questions on criteria for these award shows, Jennifer Aniston is still fire, does Brad Pitt want to bang Khaleesi, still teasing that AVN news.