TMA – Segment 2: Charlie Fleeced Doug in a Fantasy Trade

Texts are flooding in this morning, will Doug update the Vaughn index, flat breaking down Carlos Martinez’s statistics, how would we construct the Cardinals rotation, Iggy digs Chris Archer but points out that he lost 19 games two years ago, how much does Longoria have left in the tank, how much will defense factor into roster decisions, more baseball banter, should the Cardinals consider Yu Darvish, Iggy has Babe Ruth stories, is Family Guy lifting material from TMA, Audio Fun from Francesa on his snow blower, who does the lawn work when you rent a house, is Doug a slum lord apologist, more chicanery from Mike Francesa, Iggy interjected himself in a Joe Buck interview on Midday Grind last week, social media rallied around young Keaton who posted a video about bullying, Charlie likes watching the Steelers, what happened to Doug’s fantasy team, Charlie fleeced him in mid-season deal, even with depressed interest the NFL is still huge thanks to gambling and fantasy sports, Iggy wants Marvin Lewis out, remembering the Malice in the Palace.