TMA – Segment 2: Caller Adam, Big Al, and Jimmy “The Cat”

This show was born on 7/26/04, Doug feels like he’s been on the show for 34 years already, Caller Adam checks into the presentation, next is Big Al with an official apology, Doug recalls working in Minnesota, Charlie’s first job gave him a minimal clothing allowance, more FS1 Doug on perks, 3-button suits are out of style now, discussing the lithe body of a golfer, do people behave better when dressed professionally, this would be a great weekend to be in Chicago, discussing ties from The Godfather, should we try to get Steve Bono on the program, we miss talking to Jim Thomas, Doug rants about not having an NFL team, evaluating wager strategies and Lance Lynn’s situation, The Cat joins us from New York, should Charlie put a taste on the under, Doug wonders if Jay Bruce could be an option for the Cardinals via a trade, updating action from The Open Championship, why aren’t clip-on ties more commonly worn, breaking news as the Blues and Parayko have agreed to a new 5 year contract per Elliotte Friedman, checking out the flags on The Open broadcast, what is Bitcoin, Charlie is going to see Jiminy Glick tonight.