TMA – Segment 2: Big Al, intern Ethan, Ben Fred, and more

Charlie wants to reset top stories, Marshall Faulk and Ozzie were on Celebrity Family Feud last night, we’re all missing Jim Thomas, #FunWithAudio from Jeopardy, debating golf strategy, Big Al phones in, did Biff bail on invites to the DB’s Golf Tournament, where is Al’s stolen putter, more on the coverage this Friday for Tim vs. Jennings, Charlie is entranced by the gimp mask, what’s up with intern Ethan, flirting with girls was the best part of going to school, what kind of pant is Doug wearing, our colleague Ben Frederickson from the Post-Dispatch joins courtesy of 314 Sports, Sea Monster sent out the EOTD standings through June for 2017, what happened to Mr. Nipples, Justin in Columbia’s son is a golfing savant, who has a mush-face, reviewing the LPGA money list, PGA Pro Dan says he’ll retire if Tim loses on Friday.