TMA – Segment 2: Audio Fun, Golf chatter, Ben Fred, and more

The Cat was disappointed that Michael Phelps didn’t race a real-life Shark, Wednesday will mark 13 years of this fine radio presentation, did The Cat big time Mae Young’s Newborn Hand, #AudioFun featuring a news report on Selena Gomez’s new foot tat, Tim updates us on the financial windfall resulting from his fantasy teams for The Open, Doug says boneless wings aren’t actually hot wings, #FunWithAudio from The Open Championship broadcast, comparing Jordan Spieth to some great victories All-Time, can Spieth stack up against Tim at the 2018 PGA, #AudioFun with Rite Business Products’ new Swope-like mashup commercial, reviewing Teen Vogue’s Guide to Anal Sex as reported by the New York Post, up next is Post-Dispatch columnist Ben Frederickson presented by 314 Sports, #FunWithAudio with a TV news report on a goat man, what animals would we want to live amongst, more #AudioFun from Jeopardy, how many Americans enjoy Twitter polls, more #FunWithAudio from Jada Pinkett Smith on with Andy Cohen, more animal talk, discussing the sex scene from last night’s Game of Thrones episode, what to make of the battle scene at the end, why were eunuchs featured so heavily, Doug breaks the Lemmings Gong, The Cat has advice on furniture pickup.