TMA – Segment 1: Will Doug play in the Free Dotem Open?

HOT TAKES on Giancarlo Stanton, more knowledge on our upcoming guest Tucky Williams, Anna-Marie reported Tim’s FB post and is risking banishment from the Fan Page, how to pronounce data, explaining how Tucky met Kayden Kross, discussion of St. Gabe’s athletics, Doug just doesn’t get Game of Thrones, what other shows has the guy from Billions appeared in, Plowsy still gets crap for giving out spoilers to Making a Murderer, Mike Lee joins the program, Swope has already done yeoman’s work on the Iggy ‘sode, who is Kenna James and why is Lexi Belle often at Cardinals games, flat breaking down Iggy’s first round matchup in the Fan Page club championship, The Cat details his chores, what outfits will we wear for the Free Dotem Open, will Doug participate in the tournament, discussing The Cat’s twitter poll from yesterday, reviewing Jason Barrett’s latest Under the Radar column, Caller Adam joins us because Mike Lee might be cucking him, how does Doug PLTD.