TMA – Segment 1: We’re Gunning for First Things First

Reviewing the Email of the Month standings, how did the Hipster win 3 straight EOTD’s, congrats to Buck Swope on his new spawn, JHE continues to scout Doug, how do shows rate 0.0 on FS1, Iggy describes meetings at 1380 The Woman, more ratings discussion, would it be painful to tweet as much as Roderick, continuing FS1 and morning show talk, Iggy keeps bringing up Katie Nolan, is Michael Rapaport overrated, fun with Francsesa, time to dig into last night’s Cardinals game, there are no turning points this year it seems, Plowsy shares knowledge on a fan showing her ta ta’s on the Cards jumbo-tron last night, Swope is sending us info on Francesa, should Tim bet on the Rams, there are empty seats in NFL stadiums across the country, Doug is being too critical of Tye Hill, remembering the worst Rams drafts, people are flocking to the Fan Page to see the Busch Stadium breasts, Iggy talks the Stevie Nicks concert and old AC/DC stories, how old is Avril Lavigne.