TMA – Segment 1: We don’t know much about hitting coaches

Jennings is running point again today, discussing the Fan Page and Jay becoming friends with the women on there, Iggy says that the Fan Page ladies love to friend request him, talking about the likelihood that Mrs. SWB goes with Strode to Gaga, Plowsy and Jennings mine gold on the text line, digging into the Redbirds latest loss, is there reason to expect another hot streak, is there still a realistic path to the playoffs, Doug isn’t ready to throw that towel in just yet, will the franchise philosophy change at all this offseason, there’s reason for optimism long term says Vaughn, would they make a run at either Machado or Harper next offseason, discussing the roles plus responsibilities of an MLB hitting coach, Doug shares a Dave Duncan story, teasing ahead to Iggy’s new favorite drop of Vaughn, #FunWithAudio with Snoop interviewing Floyd Mayweather, does McGregor even stand a chance in a boxing only match, would he get paid still if he breaks out any MMA moves, Jennings believes the officiating is even more important than usual, who is the boxing establishment, what would need to happen for a rematch to take place, is Floyd fighting more for the future of boxing itself, discussing the disparity in glove weight, McGregor is gifted with charisma, what will he say after a potential loss though.