TMA – Segment 1: Was there sex going on at the Disco?

Discussing our arrival times in Kirkwood, Tim enjoyed Barstool Van Talk on ESPN 2, discussing why shows are called podcasts, Plow Boy still has an iPhone 3 and doesn’t invest in phone cases, talking phone accessories, The Cat references Judy Tenuta which leads to some Swope’s Picks audio featuring Iggy, talking a failed Hedo film, was there sex going on at the disco, should you say drink or cocktail, Mr. Nipples wants Iggy to send him a D pic, why isn’t that Mizzou vs. Kansas basketball game being televised, Tim shares details on an upcoming tribute to “El Diablo” Joe Strauss, Alexis Strauss owned a troll on Twitter, should we visit Haenchen in South Dakota, will Doug be the 6000th member of the TMA Fan Page, some listeners are blocked on multiple platforms, the Plow Boy has basketball knowledge, Doug doesn’t like the Golden State Warriors, #FunWithAudio from the Barstool chicks on Steph Curry’s foot fetish, Plowsy likes to wear tube socks, more #AudioFun from Francesa, what if our listeners started calling into WFAN, what does the G stand for in what up G.