TMA – Segment 1: Triumphant Return of The Cat

The Cat is back jack and we’re in the new main studio overlooking the Kirkwood Brewhouse patio, it will be a mecca for gay sex, Plowsy will have to get used to going right, our studio includes a cuck booth, Sea Monster is lurking behind Doug, reading some interesting texts, Mike Lee is our inaugural caller in this new setup, Swope had a cocktail with Tim on Friday plus talked about his upcoming MMF Producer Joe ‘sode, Rondo really took our measure, Tim’s beard is looking wild, Matt Ehrenreich phones into the program, what was the vibe down at Busch Stadium after yesterday’s game, talking Mizzou and Biff’s betting tactics, could the Cardinals really add a big bat, Lynn leaving seems to be a foregone conclusion, Stanton says he’s not interested in rebuilding, teams can’t operate on emotional impulse, Swope has some interesting numbers regarding Pujols, more off-season chatter, Big Al checks into the program, The Cat is truly humbled by the support our listeners show, attempting to recruit Doug back to the Fan Page, singing the theme song to Flipper, it’s difficult to hear that the Busch Stadium Superman is only planning to be around ’til 2020, dish on Buffalo Wild Wings and Doug being a good father.