TMA – Segment 1: Total (Solar) Eclipse of the Foot (Fetish Friday)

Doug doesn’t want to take any chances by looking at the sun today, will it be too cloudy here to enjoy the full eclipse experience, the Cardinals lost in ugly fashion last night and Vaughn didn’t like the stadium, can they still get hot and win this baby or is the pitching too thin now, the Wild Card race continues to open up though, talking about the latest episode of Game of Thrones, how did Doug program Sports Sunday last night on KMOV, anyone going to an eclipse party and why are schools closed, Iggy plans to look right at today’s eclipsing sun, he spent the weekend gardening, what’s traffic going to be like, #FunWithAudio as Nick Saban isn’t excited about the solar eclipse, Mizzou and Cardinals uniform talk, more on the game in Willamsport last night, Vaughn is bullish on Manfred, discussing if Jon Snow and Dany will hook up on Thrones even though they’re related, playing F-Marry-Kill with the major sports commissioners, Doug’s suspension logule was damaged on Thursday at Hotshots and Plowsy might have gotten high with the culprit, asking if there was flirtation in this situation, how many donuts did he eat afterwards, remembering the conversation that took place in the back of the Monte Carlo, could a potential partner swap been in play, remembering a Foot Fetish Friday for the ages, discussing how good Tim’s licking like the dickens call was, Iggy’s recruiting is crucial, joining us via phone is Big Al, what will golfers do when it’s suddenly so dark today, discussing why pants are preferable when on the golf course, should Jay worry about getting warts after having 7 feet on his face, how would Jack Buck have called an FFF,