TMA – Segment 1: There’s always time for buffet and PPV crime

Welcome to Chuck who is excited about the upcoming Joey Lawrence interview, The Cat investigates how this guest was booked, which comedian does Doug consider a scream, Plowsy was not familiar with Blossom, Ben Fred is a teen heartthrob, discussing why we haven’t heard a new ‘sode of Swope’s Picks, The Cat talks TV wardrobe, J. Lo and A-Rod hitched a ride with Robert Kraft, Charlie watched pirated video of the big fight, Doug was invited to Hooters by Biff, Vaughn got carded, Iggy felt no guilt about stealing the PPV, Facebook dispatched security to shut down FB Live feeds, Douglas says it wasn’t a banner day for boxing with how the first 4 rounds went, how did McGregor get so fatigued as the fight progressed, Charlie talks ring generalship, is there any scenario in which Floyd won’t compete again, The Cat has a pic with Mayweather, Vaughn would like to live in a luxury hotel, debating Doug’s loose ethics with helping himself to hotel buffets, Chuck weighs in on WOW airlines and everything Iceland, the convenience store beer there was so weak, Charlie saved money on booze because his betrothed was already pregnant, asking if high driving is as dangerous as drunk driving, Plowsy should be a pot advocate, Ben Fred is leading the poll thus far.