TMA – Segment 1: The Plow Boy on paid cuck situations

Last night’s game was a real turning point says The Cat, breaking down the NL Central, Ozuna didn’t like being called Ichiro, did he adjust launch angles, Doug has predictions, Flaherty is taking care of business, Plowsy received Fan Page criticism for his Ovechkin takes yesterday, this show is high in Hot Takes per minute, Doug’s had enough of Ovi, welcome Iggy, should we assign more logistics, does he ever fail when it comes to porn, who crashed the last G8 summit, Jennings is the Godfather of the group, Iggy talks about his AVN trip again, talking Draft Kings teams for the U.S. Open, Plowsy brings knowledge on paid cuck situations, golf chatter, Plow Boy likes to extend his enjoyment of bananas, time for the WWE Recap with Larry Nickel.