TMA – Segment 1: The Plow Boy is currently “Ridin’ Dirty”

Journalism has taken its toll on Doug, should he craft a graphic about flirting with boys, discussing old Blues curses and broadcast jinxes, Lisa Ann is already planning to return because she enjoyed The Dotem, Tim and Iggy recount their golf outings, Doug Vaughn takes delight in John Vaughn’s fading performance at The Dotem, Plowsy had the license plates stolen right off his car, the Fan Page intervened on his behalf, who won Fleshlights, Iggy reports that a car was broken into at Twin Peaks, Larry asked Lisa Ann to give one Hotshots waitress a dildo, Nicksy also had a summit with Natty Nate, Cletus passed out lounging in a chair, additional golf chatter, when’s the last day Plow Boy didn’t get high.